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Microblading Brows

Microblading can last anywhere between 6-12 months.

How long the procedure lasts depends on your skin type and preferences. Some skin takes to the pigment better, which is why the length in between procedures varies so widely.

Green Eyes and Makeup

Microblading Aftercare Instructions:


  1. Gently Wash every hour with a gentle cleanser or just water and pat dry with paper-towel until bedtime for days one and two. After each wash apply a thin coat of ‘Cerave Healing Ointment’ or barrier cream.

  2. Days three and four, wash and apply the ointment every two hours.

  3. Days five -seven, wash and apply the ointment three times per day. 

  4. Do not apply anything else to the area until 7 days has passed. 

  5. Do not exfoliate, wax, scrub for 14 days after procedure. 

  6. No hot or cold water. Avoid Heat from the blow dryer, for example. 

  7. If discomfort, take Tylenol (unless contraindicated by your health history).

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